Amazonas baby hammocks and baby carriers

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Amazonas Jersey Sling Black
Amazonas baby sling Jersey Sling Black
€35.95 * Instead of RRP: €61.90 *
Amazonas Ring Sling laguna
Amazonas baby sling Ring Sling
€22.95 * Instead of RRP: €39.90 *
Amazonas baby carrier Carry Sling Mocca 510 cm
Amazonas baby carrier Carry Sling Mocca 510 cm
€32.95 * Instead of RRP: €56.90 *
Amazonas Regenschutz für Babytragen
Amazonas raincover for baby carriers
€14.95 * Instead of RRP: €26.90 *

Amazonas takes great care of an ergonomically correct posture. The soft materials of Amazonas products adapt to your child's body and therefore promote a healthy development. Amazon hammocks for children are a great accessory for your childs room or the outdoor play area.

Here you will find the Amazonas Babywearing of the current collection. In fresh and modern colors are Carry Star, Smart Carrier, Mei Tai, Sling Carry, Jersey Sling, Ring Sling and Carry baby present. All Babywearing of Amazonas carry yourself orthopedic optimal. Your health and your baby's health are important goals of Amazonas. Of course all Amazonas Babywearing of the stringent DIN values ​​and were also tested for their safety.