Emmaljunga strollers - quality made in Sweden

Emmaljunga - family business with heart, tradition and ideals

Already in its 3rd generation, Emmaljunga manufactures high-quality stroller boards in Sweden. Long-lasting, safe products and a high environmental awareness characterize the family business. The needs of your baby come first. Not only in terms of safety and comfort but also when it comes to creating a world in which future generations can live in harmony with nature.

Emmaljunga company philosophy - safety, quality and sustainability

irst and foremost is safety for babies and their families. The company owner Christian never tires of emphasizing that in everything they do, the safety of the most precious thing in a family, the offspring has priority.

In terms of quality, Emmaljunga is convinced that the products are not designed for rapid wear and that use over several generations and resale are expressly desired. The basis for this is also the concept of sustainability practiced in the company. Racks are not simply thrown away when a defect but repaired. Already during the development of the products, it is ensured that as many parts as possible can be repaired or exchanged by hand if necessary.

The guiding principle of sustainability runs through the entire production process. Materials are made from as much as possible recycled raw materials. The long-lasting quality also serves the environment. What lasts for long, causes less waste, less resources. Unnecessary transport routes are avoided by on-site dealer services and also your Emmaljunga stroller can be used over generations.

Contrary to all trends, Emmaljunga has repeatedly deliberately decided against production in the Far East. Emmaljunga strollers are made entirely from the various raw materials in Sweden. Thus, the company secures jobs, know-how and quality standards. It is really impressive to see with which a passion here prams are made.

"We are not moving production to Asia, so we have full control over our environmental footprint, and we're proud to have come this far, but we've just started."

As the owner of an Emmaljunga stroller, you can be proud. Proud that your stroller is manufactured under the best conditions. Proud that Emmaljunga takes responsibility for the environment. Your Emmaljunga is made for you, considering the next generation. The goal is to become a green factory and Emmaljunge is constantly working on that.

In 2018, 1500m² of solar cells were installed on the roof of the production hall, with the remainder of the primary energy coming from 100% hydropower. Further environmental investments have enabled a fossil-free warm-up of the factory in Sweden. Hot domestic water is filtered and cleaned and used to heat the hall. Emmaljunga has already achieved a lot. But anyone who meets the family knows that they will not stop here, but will continue their efforts towards green color in the future.