Handmuff for the handlebar and bumper bar

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Hesba Handwärmer Lammfell
Hesba hand muff lambskin
From €79.90 * RRP: RRP: €99.00 *
Kaiser Handwärmer Twooly 65734-22 navy Kaiser sheepskin handmuff Twoolly
From €74.99 * RRP: RRP: €79.99 *
Najell Handwärmer für den Kinderwagen Grau Najell stroller gloves
€59.00 * RRP: RRP: €79.00 *
Babyzen YOYO Skier
Babyzen YOYO ski
€49.95 *
Moon handmuff for pram 2022 Moon handmuff for pram 2022
From €27.90 * RRP: RRP: €37.90 *

The handmuff is a great accessoire for every winter. Simply attach the handmuff to the push handle of your stroller and you always have warm hands in the winter. So you do not need gloves. A handwarmer for children is also available. This is directly attached to the bumper bar.