Hartan accessories for the Hartan strollers

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Hartan Falttragetasche 720
Hartan fold carrycot 2018
From €239.00 *
Hartan Falttragetasche 800
Hartan fold carrycot 2017
From €219.90 *
Hartan Kombitasche 800
Hartan hard carrycot 2017
From €169.00 * Instead of RRP: €189.90 *
Hartan Kombitsche 720
Hartan hard carrycot 2018
From €185.00 *
Hartan Falttasche 915
Hartan fold carrycot 2016 colour 915
€174.95 * Instead of RRP: €239.00 *
Hartan Kombitasche 903
Hartan combi carrycot 2016
€169.00 * Instead of RRP: €189.00 *
Hartan Softtragetasche 800
Hartan soft carrycot 2017
From €149.90 *
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Here you can find the original Hartan accessories for the Hartan strollers. The Hartan accessories are produced to match the stroller design so that the accessory ideally fit to the Hartan prams. You can expand your Hartan stroller arbitrarily with the Hartan accessories.

The accessories are suitable for the Hartan Buggy ix1, i-mini, Racer GT, Racer GTS, Racer S, Topline S, Topline X, Skater GT, Vip, Vip XL, Sky, Sky XL, Sky GTS, Xperia and ZX II.

There are general Hartan accessories which can be used for all strollers models of each year and special accessories for the stroller of the collections 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

So you have the possibility to equip your Hartan pram with the matching Hartan footmuff, parasol, apron, baby carrycot, lambskin footmuff, car seat adapters and much more.