Hartan Topline - premium stroller with swivel handle

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Topline S 7-in-1 Set 2021
Hartan Topline S pram set 7-in-1 with Maxi Cosi 2021
From €1,279.00 * RRP: RRP: €1,446.90 *
Hartan 2021 Topline S - 3-in-1-Set - 404
Hartan Topline S pram 3-in-1 with Maxi Cosi
From €1,099.00 * RRP: RRP: €1,196.05 *
Hartan Topline X 2021 - 3in1 Set - Maxi Cosi Hartan Topline X 2021 pram 3-in-1 with Maxi Cosi
From €1,038.99 * RRP: RRP: €1,134.50 *

With the Hartan Topline you have made the perfect choice for a stroller. Hartan is known for its excellent quality, Made in Germany, and the unique suspension of its stroller. In the following you will learn the advantages of the Topline S and Topline X and can convince yourself.

Features of the Topline stroller

With the practical swivel handle the child's gaze can be changed within seconds. The push handle has a mechanism that makes it easy to click it on the other side. This not only changes the child's line of sight, but also allows you to protect it quickly from the sun.

On the side of the stroller is a parking brake, which is easy to operate by hand.

Another great option for the Topline S stroller is the unique Hartan SBS brake system. This is attached to the side of the stroller and around your wrist and the stroller will automatically stop as soon as it rolls too far. This gives you maximum security when you're on the move.

From birth to infancy

With the Hartan Topline you not only get a stroller with top features, it accompanies you thanks to its high quality over many years and can also be used for several children. The Hartan stroller are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Topline pram for babies

Already from the birth of your child you can use the Topline. There are extra comfortable baby carrycot for the little ones, in which the newborn can relax and sleep. The combi carrycot and soft carrycot by Hartan are placed directly in the pushchair and are particularly easy to transport. This is a great advantage if, for example, you live in an upper floor and you want to connect the stroller in the hallway and take the baby in the carrycot into the apartment. The two carrycots can also be converted after use to a thin footmuff, which can then be used in teh stroller. Alternatively, the Hartan Topline can also be equipped with the fold carrycot. For this, the seat is removed from the frame and you attach the carrycot on it. The fold carrycot is no bigger than the other two carrycots, but gives the stroller a modern look. No matter which carrycot you choose, in all variants your baby is safe and secure in a flat lying position.

Almost every pram can now be used as a travel system. This means that a Maxi Cosi can be attached to the stroller frame. Also for the Hartan Topline a matching Maxi Cosi adapter is available, so that a Maxi Cosi, Kiddy, BeSafe or Cybex infant car seat can be attached to it. Especially for doctor visits or short shopping this is very convenient, you do not have to wake the baby to put it out of the car in the pram. With the car seat adapter, you can simply lift the baby seat out of the car and click on the stroller so that your baby can continue to sleep. However, this is not advisable for walks or other longer trips, as the baby should always be lying flat, which is best given in the Hartan carrycots. So that you are perfectly equipped from birth, we offer matching Hartan Topline 3-in-1 sets in our shop, where the matching adapter and the Maxi Cosi baby seat are already included. So nothing can stand in the way of a drive by car or through city and forest.

For toddlers a pushchair

Once your child can sit on their own, you can convert your pram into a pushchair. This is usually the case for children between six and nine months. From then on, you no longer need a carrycot and can only be out with the buggy. Since the children are still very young at that age, it is important to keep eye contact with them. That's why the Hartan Topline offers you the possibility to fasten your seat in the opposite direction of travel. With that, you two can continue to see each other and get used to the sitting position and its surroundings. Soon your child will want to discover the rest of his surroundings and then it's time to turn the seat in the other direction. For the seat is simply removed and rotated. Now your child can look ahead and enjoy the walks and shopping together until the age of three to four.

Differences between the Hartan Topline S and Hartan Topline X

The prams are identical from the frame. They differ only in the front wheels. The Hartan Topline X has four fixed wheels and is therefore ideal for rural areas. The Hartan Topline S, on the other hand, has two swiveling front wheels at the front. With this the stroller takes every turn with ease and is perfect for the city. Furthermore the SBS brake system can only be attached to the Topline S, but not to the Topline X.