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Kiddy Becool summer cover
Kiddy Becool summer cover
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The Kiddy baby car seats and child seats accompany you from the first car trip until your child is old enough to sit in the normal car seat. The Evolution Pro 2 and Evo Luna i-Size are the baby car seats for newborns. You can then use the Guardianfix up to the age of 12. You can also find the matching Kiddy accessories in our shop.

Kiddy is known for its excellent child car seats for every age. So your loved ones will always travel safely.
Kiddy is a renowned manufacturer of children car seats of all ages in Germany. For more than 30 years Kiddy produces reliable, smart and future car seats for your little ones. The seats by Kiddy always have a unique design and are very functional.

The Kiddy Baby Evolution Pro 2 and Evo-Luna-Fix are unique baby car seats with lay-flat function. The infant car seat corresponds to the ECE Group 0+ and is for children from birth to about 13 months. The Kiddy car seat Phoenix Pro 2 is for children from 9 months to approximately 4 years. The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 and Pro Guardianfix 2 belong to the ECE Group 1-2-3 and are for children from 9 months up to 12 years. The Kiddy car seats Cruiserfix Pro and Smartfix are for children from 4 years to 12 years and in accordance with the ECE group 2-3. The grow-along Kiddy car seats always fit in perfectly with your child's size. The Kiddy stroller city'n move and Kiddy click'n move 3 are buggys in modern designs. Both pram can be used directly from birth in combination with a baby carrycot or Kiddy baby car seat. Matching Kiddy accessories are also available.

With the Kiddy car seats you have the license to fly. The Kiddy car seats are approved and got the authorization to use it on the plane. So you can take your kiddy seat on each journey and use the Kiddy car seat on the plane and in the rental car. The Kiddy PhoenixFix Pro 2, Kiddy Guardian Pro 2, Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2, Kiddy Smartfix and Kiddy CruiserFix Pro are approved for that.