Toys for babies

What should you take if you buy baby toys

Babies don´t need much to be happy. Nevertheless your little darling enormous progress in the first year. Feeling, grasping, seeing and hearing develop and will be tested curiously. Your baby will be fascinated by colours, shapes and sounds. You can support this great step of development with the right toy for your baby. Therefore, age-appropriate baby toy should be corresponded to your child´s abilities, it should be easy to grasp and encourage your little darling to discover their sense.

Your baby´s crowing interest in the environment also brings danger.  Babies like to put toys into their mouth. Therefore, you should make sure that the toy for baby is designed safely.  No small parts may come loose and the material has to be chemically  untreated.

Our offer of toys for babies

If you can find the right toy for your little darling, we have make a pre-selection of high quality brands with also high quality toys for babies. We have attached importance of safety. With us you will find brands like Picca LouLou, Lässig, PlanToys and many other brands.

Grasping rings and rattles

Grabbing support at your baby´s sense of touch and the hand-eye-coordination and if there is something to hear, also the sense of hearing. With our grasping rings, pacifier chains or rattles you get a nice pre-selection for the right baby toy.

Playmates and baby activity arch

Playmates offer your baby a soft and mostly colourful underlay. With a baby activity arch the playmates is beautiful again. Playmates and baby activity arch stimulate your baby for grab and and offer your baby a entertaining.

Cuddly Toys and comforters

Cuddly toys and comforters not only stimulate the sense of touch, they also will be your babys cuddle friend and accompany them day and night.

Stroller chains

If, you often walk with the stroller you will know the advantage of a stroller chain. When the stroller starts to move, the colourful baby toy swing back and forth and wake your baby´s curiosity. A good baby fun if it takes longer at the supermarket checkout.

Mobiles and music boxes

When your baby begins to perceives their environment with their eyes are mobiles and music boxes the ideal baby toy. They invite your baby to play and help to fall asleep.

Blocks and stacking blocks

Your baby´s grasping movements will refine from day to day.  Blocks and stacking blocks are the perfect toys for baby´s, to support further the motor skills of your baby.