Toys for children

Toys for children for the little explorer

When your little darling makes the first steps, also the impulse to discover new things has grown enormous. Your child would like to research, put itself in new roles and satisfy the impulse to move faster with scooter and co. With the age-appropriate children toy, your little darling will have fun and by the way, the development will be support.

How should be a high quality children toy?

High quality toy for children should support your child´s creativity, awareness and the skills. Furthermore, children toys should be durable, pollutant tested and bring a high level of safety. So the play fun of you darling remains unclouded, at building, puzzling or cuddling.

Our offer of children toys for children from 1 year

That you are not helpless, when you want to buy a new children toy, we have make a pre-selection for you. We offer you high quality children toy from select brands.

Children toy for role-playing games

Boys and girls love children toys for role-playing games. Playfully solved role-playing games conflicts and fears will be reduced. Matching to this topic you will find in our shop, doll-houses from Plan Toys, a toy brand that attach importance to sustainability, high quality play kitchens or parking-garages from kids concept.

Board games and puzzle

For little explorers and those who want to become an explorer, we offer motor activity toys from wood, like the Kidsgut ball track or the great  table soccer set of PlanToys. Or our Kids Concept ABC puzzle for preschool children and a board game with cute forest animals, will bring your child fun and at the same time the games support the motor skills and the imagination of your child.

Children´s vehicles

Toys for children like scooters, balance bikes and tricycles, train your child mobility and the sense of balance of your child. The great tricycles by Liki Trike or the balance bike by Banwood come not only in a trendy design, they also satisfy your child´s urge to move.