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The Britax Römer Kidfix i-Size promises maximum safety, a long service life and comfort. So... more

britax-roemer-kidfix-2-s-textThe Britax Römer Kidfix i-Size promises maximum safety, a long service life and comfort. So your little passenger up to the age of 12 can enjoy your car journeys with a lot of safety and comfort.

Highlights of the Britax Römer Kidfix i-size child seat

  • Age: approx. 3.5 - 12 years
  • Weight: 15 - 36 kg
  • I-size norm
  • Fastening in the vehicle: Isofix and 3-point belt or only with 3-point belt
  • Side impact protection
  • SICT SecureGuard protects the abdominal area
  • Adjustable headrest
  • V-shaped backrest
  • Upper and lower belt guide


The Britax Römer Kidfix-i-size child seat comes with a comprehensive safety package. In addition to its approval in the i-Size standard, the child seat offers your passenger 3 important safety features that, when combined, offer the best possible protection. The shock-absorbing foam cushion - the XP-PAD, prevents the chin from colliding with the chest in the event of an impact, the SecureGuard prevents the belly of your darling and the side impact protection technology (SICT) prevents the head and neck. The SICT technology should be used on the side facing the door to optimally protect your child's neck, shoulders and neck.


The seat serve also maximum comfort. The ergonomic seat is softly padded and slightly wider than other child seats. Ventilation holes in the shell ensure good air circulation on your travels. The headrest grows with the child and can be adjusted with one hand. Practical markings on the back help you to find the correct setting every time the seat needs to be changed between two cars or by different children. The slim design allows you to attach up to three child seats side by side on the back seat.

Installation in the car

Thanks to the Isofix connectors, the Kidfix i-Size child seat is securely attached to the Isofix anchoring points of the car. Isofix color indicators confirm that the seat is correctly connected. So please check before if your car has Isofix. Alternatively, you can also attach the child seat with just the car's 3-point belt.


The Kidfix i-Size child seat is made in Germany. This saves transport routes and protects the environment. The packaging of the Kidfix i-Size consists of bags whose production is based on plants and the packaging is made from recycled material. This protects the environment and improves the CO2 balance.

For the Atlantic Green and Fossil Gray variants, only 100% recycled polyester was used in the manufacture of the fabric covers. Up to 29 PET plastic bottles per product were turned into soft yarn, which is then woven into high-quality fabric covers.

Technical specifications

  • Forward-facing installation
  • Weight: 6.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 63 - 83 x 48 x 42 cm (H x W x D)

Differences of the Kidfix seats

 Kidfix² R
Kidfix² S
Kidfix² S
Kidfix III M
Kidfix i-size

SICT side protection

XP shoulder pad
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Removable backrest
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Bigger seat
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