Toys for babies und children

Why children play

Children like to play. Babies and young children love the colourful blocks, the wooden car-toy or the baby doll with the big eyes. Older children practice role-playing games with the play-kitchen or the doll house and imitate the adults. Children play to understand the world. They are observing and imitating. Therefore, playing is healthy and support the child development. All you need is the right baby-or children´s toy.

The right toy for every age group

Age-appropriate toys for kids are very important for the development of the kids, because the skills and interests of the children vary depending on their age. Children under the age of one, for example, have not yet learned how to build a tower from wooden blocks, while the two-year-old succeeds playfully. Older children whereas, have other interests and like toys for toddlers, where the can incorporate role-playing games into their game play. What can be perfectly implemented with doll houses, play kitchen or parking garages.

If your child get older, it will develop new skills or remove their existing skills. While a baby toy for example, is very attractive to your baby, the older sibling is not longer interested in the toys for babys, it is more interested to the nice parking garage. Therefore, you should always pay attention to you child´s level of development and buy age approriate toy for children.

The correct toy material and the correct workmanship

Toys are made of plastic, metal, wood or paper. Material that all suitable for children´s toys. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the toy has a good quality, it is robust and safely processed. The playthings you can be pass on this way. This way benefits the environment and is good for your purse.

Our children´s toys for babies and toddlers

The world of toys is enormous and choosing the right toy for children can be difficult. We offer you a large but nevertheless selected range of toys and brands for every age group. Whether baby toys or toddler toys, you will only find high quality toys. You have the choice! For newborns for example, we have wooden grasping and rattles or cuddly toys, Your little darling will love them, and at the same time the toys will train the motor skills of your baby. The Baby Björn rockers are also perfect for the first month in life.

Doll house, play kitchen, auto-racetrack, work bench, wooden building blocks or motor skills loop our toy for children are high quality and durable. Wooden toys like memory or tic-tac-toe fit perfectly in toddler hands and train the hand-eye coordination.

Our wheels, tricycles or scooters are suitable for children from 3 years.