Strollers for babies and toddlers

Here you find all our strollers that we offer in our online shop. We offer a large selection of prams, strollers, combi strollers, buggies, twin and sibling strollers. For each price range, we offer the right stroller, whether favorable or premium stroller. Here you'll find the right stroller for your own families needs.

A pram or combi stroller can be used directly from your baby's birth and usually includes a stroller, jogger or buggy and a matching carrycot for the newborn child. Thanks to the pram you just need to buy one stroller that you can use from birth to approximately 4 years.

The 3-in-1 travel systems are complete sets consisting of a pram and a matching infant car seat. Thus, you have a basic equipment, if you are traveling with your baby.

A buggy is a lightweight stroller that is particularly well suited if you are traveling and want to be flexible. The buggy can be used from approx 6 months, once your child can sit. Particularly suitable is the buggy for travel, as it can always be folded up very small and is very compact and lightweight.

The pushchair is used when the child can sit by itself. This is possible from about six month. The pushchair is very functional and provides you and your child plenty of comfort. A pushchair is available with either two small front wheels or two large fixed front wheels.

A jogging is a three-wheel stroller with a fixed or rotatable front wheel. The jogger offers extra comfort on the land, in the woods, on the beach or other uneven terrain. Even if the name suggested it all joggers are not automatically suitable for jogging. If the jogger can be used for jogging, this is explicitly written out.

The double strollers are available in two different variants: the children can either sit side by side or one behind the other. The inline strollers are particularly narrow and thus easily fit through any door. The twin and sibling stroller with two seats next to each other are usually more spacious and the kids can see each other.