Britax Römer - excellent car seats and strollers

Britax Römer's goal is to travel safely on the street. In 1966 they developed the first child seat and today produce car seats, strollers and children's bike seats.

Made in Europe

Britax Römer is committed to a production in Europe. In 2016 they moved into their new headquarter in Leipheim and produce thanks to this new system 90% of the car seats and all bicycle child seats in Germany or Great Britain.

Made with Care

"Made with utmost care" is the philosophy of Britax Römer. They want to offer the highest quality products and underline their commitment to guaranteed purity. This means that the minimum requirements for harmful substances in their products far exceed the legal requirements.

Tested to the highest standards

Compliance with the highest safety standards is the top priority at Britax Römer. Since 2017 its new European headquarters has housed one of the world's most advanced crash testing facilities for the dynamic testing of child restraint systems.

In addition each stroller is extensively tested for different climates, temperature, weather and road conditions and they perform a squeak and "bite" test on the handlebar.