Thule - Multisports strollers,bicycle trailers and bicycle seats

The Swedish company Thule produces high-quality and high-performance prams, bicycle seats and bicycle trailers. For parents who want to have together with their kids an active life. The Thule products impress with safety and comfort.

With the Thule combi strollers and buggies you can go jogging, so you can enjoy your active life with your children. The all-purpose strollers and buggies also offer high quality and a very good comfort for you and your children. Some strollers are easy to convert and grow with your family.

The Thule bike trailers are a real all-rounder, that offer you even more variety in everyday life. The bike trailers will be fixed on the bike and you can start off varied ways, eating ice-cream, doing sports or you have a nice trip on the fresh air. But the real talent of the Tuhle bike trailers is the multifunctionality. The trailers are not only for cycling. You can also go jogging, walking and you can convert them for cross-country-skiing.

For everyday life, you can also take your child with the Thule bicycle seat.These are perfect for daily trips or for family trips. Safety and comfort are always companions for you and your child.