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The BeSafe iZi Turn M i-Size is a smart child seat with a fully integrated digital safety... more

The BeSafe iZi Turn M i-Size is a smart child seat with a fully integrated digital safety system for innovative protection for your child. The child seat is suitable for children from 6 month to 4 years.


Highlights iZi Turn M i-Size

  • World's first fully integrated digital security system
  • Belt buckle with integrated opening/closing sensor - warning signal from the child seat when unbuckling
  • Alert when child is left behind
  • 360° Rotating function
  • Can be used facing forwards and backwards

With the iZi Turn M i-Size child seat, you have the ideal child seat for the time after the baby seat. With the 360-degree rotation function, you can simply turn the seat towards the door so that your child can buckle up in a relaxed manner. It is also suitable for driving backwards and forwards.

Together with Holmbergs, BeSafe has developed an intelligent and fully integrated digital security system. The iZi Turn M communicates directly with the BeSafe app on your smartphone and you will receive notifications when your child unbuckles themselves or your child is left in the car.

The iZi Turn M i-Size offers additional impact protection, a 10-way adjustable headrest and the Dynamic Force Absorber, as well as lots of extras that make it as comfortable as possible for your child on the go.

The magnetic straps make it easier to get in and out by using the straps can be attached to the seat. This eliminates the hassle of holding the straps. Individually adjustable seat cushions allow the seat to be optimally adjusted to your child and the 4 resting positions ensure relaxed travelling. The 360-degree rotating function can be used in all resting positions. And with the flexibly adjustable Isofix brackets and the acoustic warning if the seat is installed incorrectly, correct installation in the car can no longer go wrong.


  • Reboarder of the forward and  is used backwards
  • 360 ° Rotating function for particularly convenient use
  • Approved according to UN R129 (i-Size)
  • Installation with Isofix anchorage
  • Child's height 61-105 cm
  • Age approx. 6 months - 4 years
  • Max. Weight: 18kg
  • Weight seat: 19.5 kg
  • 3D mesh fabric with up to 8x more airflow for healthy air circulation
  • Improved SIP+ side impact protection absorbs an additional 20% of the forces
  • Can be used backwards and forwards
  • 5-point harness


Garantie Info

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