Bugaboo Dragonfly carrycot

Bugaboo Dragonfly carrycot

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The Bugaboo Dragonfly Bassinet is the perfect solution to provide your baby with comfort and... more

bugaboo-dragonfly-babywanne-beschreibungThe Bugaboo Dragonfly Bassinet is the perfect solution to provide your baby with comfort and safety right from the start. Specifically designed for the Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller, this spacious and well-designed bassinet offers a cozy and protected environment for your newborn.

The bassinet features a soft and padded mattress that allows your baby to lie comfortably. The generous space provides ample room for your growing baby. The interior of the bassinet is lined with high-quality materials that are gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Another advantage of the Bugaboo Dragonfly Bassinet is its lightweight construction and easy handling.

You can effortlessly attach the bassinet to the stroller and detach it when needed. This is especially convenient when you don't want to disturb your sleeping baby. The bassinet comes with an adjustable sun canopy that protects your baby from direct sunlight. It also allows you to regulate the amount of sunlight, ensuring your baby is always comfortably shielded. The integrated ventilation provides good airflow, preventing overheating. The Bugaboo Dragonfly Bassinet is designed with safety in mind. It features a sturdy frame and secure attachment to the stroller. The adjustable carrying handle provides added convenience when transporting the bassinet. Furthermore, the bassinet can be combined with the Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller frame to create a compact and lightweight travel system.

You can seamlessly transition from the car to strolling without disturbing your baby. In summary, the Bugaboo Dragonfly Bassinet offers a cozy and protected nest for your newborn. With its high-quality construction, easy handling, and practical features, it is the ideal choice to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable start in life.