Cloby UV blanket with 2 black magnetic clips

Cloby Farbe

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With this set from Cloby you are well equipped for warm, beautiful summer days. The... more

With this set from Cloby you are well equipped for warm, beautiful summer days.

The multifunctional, lightweight UV protection cloth is so versatile. Not only do you wrap your little one up warm and cozy, but you also offer them efficient protection from harmful sun rays (over 98%) and all without chemicals.

The Cloby UV protection cloth offers a sun protection factor of UPF 50+ and is therefore the ideal companion for all outdoor activities. For example, you can use it as a cuddly blanket, towel, stroller blanket, sling or pad for playing.

Thanks to the included black magnetic clips, the cloth can be easily attached to any stroller or baby seat. You can also use the clip to hold pacifiers or toys, or even light bags when shopping.

The two magnets can be attached anywhere and protect the top at the same time. The robust material (leather on the outside and cotton canvas on the inside) ensures the longevity of the clips.

If they are no longer needed, they can simply be stored in your trouser pocket or diaper bag.

Features of UV protection blanket:

  • versatile UV protection cloth 
  • high sun protection factor without the use of chemicals UPF 50+
  • 2 snaps
  • blocks over 98% of harmful sunlight
  • available in beautiful colors
  • Dimensions: 95x73 cm
  • Material: 52% cotton, 43% bamboo viscose, 5% Lycra

Features of magnetic clips pack of 2 black:

  • black magnetic clips 
  • easily attach the burp cloth to the hood robust material (outside leather, inside cotton canvas)
  • Magnets on both sides c
  • can be attached to any stroller 

We can also send you the magnetic clips in brown or beige instead of the black clips. 

Please simply write us the different color in the comments field when ordering.