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Your little darling is simply in a heavenly bed in the BeSafe Newborn Haven carrier. The... more

Your little darling is simply in a heavenly bed in the BeSafe Newborn Haven carrier. The highlight - the carrier feels like a cloth, so you have your newborn very close to you and your sweetheart feels safe and secure. Not only does your little darling feel comfortable in the extra soft stretch fabric, the fabric also gives you a wonderfully comfortable fit. The shoulder straps can be worn straight or fanned out, depending on what works best for you. The extra wide waist belt has a supporting effect and protects your hips.

The ergonomics are tailored to the needs of your newborn. In this way, the baby carrier supports the natural posture and lower spine shape of your newborn, with the buttocks sitting higher than the knees. In addition, your baby is supported by the fabric and internal structural bands. This allows your baby to be carried in the ergonomic M-position, in which the hip joints and legs are in the best possible position. In addition, the Haven newborn carrier offers enough space for your loved one's bent arms. You can adjust and tighten the shoulder straps for an optimal fit. The seat bridge is designed to grow with your baby. You can adjust the stretcher with a simple buttonhole adjustment. So that the little head is also well-supported, the 4-way adjustable headrest can also be flexibly adjusted until your darling can hold his head up on his own.

The BeSafe Newborn Haven carrier offers you a particularly simple operation. This saves you stress and hassle. All you have to do is click the baby carrier in, and you're done, without the hassle of adjusting the carrier. You can customize the sides of the stretcher for you and your sweetheart. The small pockets on the baby carrier are particularly practical, in which you can stow small items such as a bank card or your phone. The easy handling allows you to always have your hands free. So you can do other things or take care of your sibling without taking your eyes off your sweetheart.

Particularly great - the BeSafe Newborn Haven was made from sustainable and particularly durable materials.

Product features BeSafe Newborn Haven carrier

  • Comfortable newborn carrier
  • Supports the natural and ergonomic spread-squat position
  • Extra soft stretch fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and headrest
  • Grows with your baby
  • Particularly easy handling

Technical specifications:

  • Age: 0- 12 month
  • Weight: 3.2 - 11kg
  • Height: from about 50 cm
  • Approved according to: CEN TR 16512 and certified hip-friendly by the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute)
  • Attention: Use for premature babies only after medical consultation


Garantie Info

BeSafe bietet dir auf seine Produkte eine 2-jährige BeSafe Garantie an. Diese kann durch eine Produktregistrierung auf 3 Jahre erweitert werden.