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For all parents who like it uncomplicated and comfortable in everyday life: please! Here he is,... more

For all parents who like it uncomplicated and comfortable in everyday life: please! Here he is, the Joie Alore! With the combination stroller you always have your baby in view and can adjust yourself perfectly in every situation-namely in four stages: Are you in the café and want to feed your baby? Then push the sports seat onto the lowest seating position. If you are a walk, then choose the top position for the baby seat, the baby tub (both available separately) or the sports seat. Overall, the frame of the car offers you 3 different heights. And to make it perfect, you can tend to the baby tray or the baby seat in addition to you. Perfect for one or the other kiss, but above all something comfortable for your baby.

So how to turn it and turn it: The alore is simply to be rising! Speaking of turning: Of course you can also put the sports seat on this car as you or your baby fits you. Either look forward to discover the world or look at you for maximum security.

Should your baby fall asleep on your discovery tour or just want to rest, no problem at all! You can adjust the backrest in 5 steps so that your explorer can be almost flat and can continue to dream! The extra large and expandable top of the alore ensures that nothing really bothers. This does not keep you rain or dazzles the sun (UV protection 50+).

The puncture troof wheels are rubberized, breakdown-safe filled with foam and sprung individually-whether in the forest or in the city, so your baby rolls calmly and gently through the world.

You can accommodate diapers, handbags, changing clothes and purchases in the large basket and therefore always have everything you need on your excursions.

Sounds good? Is the alore of Joie too, for the next 22 kg, because he will get you and your child on tours!

Characteristics Joie Alora stroller:

  • Usable from 6 months to 22 kg
  • Usable in four modes: with baby bath, baby seat (both available separately), sports seat with a view of the parents or out into the world
  • With adapters and baby tub Joie Ramble or Ramble XL usable as a combination trolley (available separately)
  • With adapters, both JOIE and JOIE SIGNATURE and that of other manufacturers can be attached with adapters, which have a standardized adapter recording
  • Sports seat with just a few clicks. Rewarded use of up to 15 kg, forward -facing use up to 22 kg
  • Systems (baby tray, baby seat, sports seat) are adjustable at the frame in 3 levels in height and thus supports the parent-child binding
  • Height-adjustable telescopic sliding bracket with synthetic leather cover
  • Large, water-repellent cover with UV protection 50+, sun visor and viewing window
  • Adaptable backrest with 5 inclinations
  • Thanks to a flat lying position, even for the very smallest a convenient retreat
  • Height adjustable 5-point security belt (3 positions) with soft soft touch padding
  • The adjustable angle of inclination of the supplied adapters is used to optimally adjust baby seats or baby bath
  • Clever folding mechanism with a forward -oriented seat unit and fed together
  • Automatic folding lock
  • Leg edition adjustable in 2 levels
  • Generous and easily accessible dust basket
  • Easy to use Onetouch brake
  • 4-wheel insertion
  • Swivel and detectable front wheels
  • Rubberized, foam-filled punctureproof tires make every excursion in a breakdown