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Joie Gewinnspiel

Mit dem Kauf eines der 3 Joie Aktionsprodukte (Joie Pact Pro Buggy, Joie Roomie Go oder Joie Litetrax Pro Air Buggy) habt ihr die Gelegenheit eine Familienreise in die Berge im Wert von 5.000€ zu gewinnen!

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With the Roomie Go you always stay flexible everywhere! If you are at home, you use it as... more


With the Roomie Go you always stay flexible everywhere! If you are at home, you use it as a side bed - if you want to travel spontaneously or visit the family, you will work so flat together that it can be accommodated in every trunk or camper. In addition, it weighs so little that you can stow it in the transport bag and take it with you. So you get a side bed and travel bed in one without clever features and comfort. If your baby needs closeness or soothing cuddly units, then lower the side part with one hand, push the Roomie Go on your parents' bed and enjoy seamless closeness. This makes it easier to give breastfeeding or vials at night and gives your baby the security that is so needed. So that this works even with almost every bed, you can adjust the Roomie Go in 5 steps to the height of your parent bed or your couch. With the belt and clip system you then attach the side bed to your bed- so nothing slips. If your little dreamer suffers from reflux problems or if you have a cold, the Joie Roomie Go offers you the opportunity to tilt the lying surface. So your baby's upper body is increased while it is what makes breathing easier and reduces the backflow of the stomach acid. So your baby can always sleep relaxing. The mattress cover is made of a pleasant mesh tissue and, together with the softly padded mattress, creates the perfect air circulation and an optimal sleeping climate. If something goes wrong, you can take the cover and wash. With the 4 rubberized rollers you push the side bed very easy and always uncomplicated to where it is best for you and your baby. So that it stays where it should stay, you can fix the wheels. If you don't need the side bed, you can simply stow it under your bed or in the closet.

Characteristics Joie Roomie Go bed:

  • Flexible baby bed for at home and when traveling, from birth to about 6 months (9kg)
  • Can be used as a side bed, bassinet or travel bed
  • Can be folded up in a matter of seconds and compactly stowed away or taken away in the practical travel bag radio
  • Side parts can be lowered and pulled up for easy access to the baby
  • Adjustable in height and thus suitable for most parent beds and sofas
  • Lying surface (max. Variance of 4 positions) - ideal for babies with reflux or digestive problems. Even with colds, the upper body helps up to keep the airways free
  • Comfortably padded mattress with a mesh cover that can be removed and washed
  • Bilateral mesh fabric for optimal air circulation and a clear view of the sleeping baby
  • Fabric covers are easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Safe attachment to the parents' bed with a practical belt and click system
  • Gimmicking feet bring the bed very close to the parents' bed or the sofa
  • 4 detectable, floor -friendly roles to easily move the bed
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 90.3 x 68.5 x 74.8-82.2 cm (LXBXH)
  • Dimensions folded: 88.8 x 53 x 23.5 XM (LXBXH)