Joie Signature i-Base Encore

Joie i-Base Encore Isofixbasis
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With the i-Base Encore, which can be rotated by 360 °, you get a base station that gives you... more

With the i-Base Encore, which can be rotated by 360 °, you get a base station that gives you and especially your little explorers full flexibility and maximum security-from birth until your child is about 4 years old.

Once installed in your car, you have 3 ways to combine the i-Base Encore: with a car carrycot, baby seat and child seat, which you can use backwards and forward-oriented. So first you click on the baby seat Joie Signature i-Level Recline or the carrycot Calmi R129 on the base station. The car seat Joie Signature i-Harbor then appeared-either exclusively backwards or alternatively forwards from 76 cm and at least 15 months. A base station - 3 uses.

The base station i-Base Encore can be easily turned with just one hand: with a baby seat by 90° to both sides and with a car reservoir i-Harbor by 360°. So that everything sits correctly, the i-Base Encore offers you 10 ISOFIX positions in order to be able to adapt the base station to your vehicle seat individually. Color indicators at the base station prevent you from making mistakes yourself when installing the I-Base Encore-as well as when clicking on the baby seat or the child seat. So you are always on the safe side and actually can't go wrong. If you want to switch from the baby tray to the baby seat or the child seat, this is easy and completely stress -free thanks to the side of the seat. The low back bumper of the I-Base Encore also offers larger children a lot of legroom and the base foot of the base station absorbs energy, should an accident occur.

Characteristics Joie Signature I-Base Encore Isofix base:

  • Compatible with the Encore Spinning System: 1 rotating base station, 3 compatible car residues, 4 years of driving comfort
  • Easily accessible 360 ° mechanism for simple buckles and light direction of travel directions
  • Easily operable seating button for fast car seat change
  • 10 ISOFIX positions with installation indicators for correct and safe assembly
  • Less handling errors due to attachment recognition. This is how an attached baby seat can
  • are not turned in the direction of travel
  • Fold -out support foot with height adjustment for optimal adjustment in the vehicle
  • Safety indicators on the base and support foot for proper seat assembly
  • Support foot absorbs energy in the event of an impact
  • Low back bumbags offers legroom for the child
  • Compatible to: Calmi R129, i-Level Recline and i-Harbor
  • Weight: 7.1 kg