MiniMeis G5 shoulder carrier with Hero backpack

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Off to adventure! With the MiniMeis G5 shoulder carrier and the MiniMeis Hero G5 backpack, you... more

Off to adventure! With the MiniMeis G5 shoulder carrier and the MiniMeis Hero G5 backpack, you and your Mini are well equipped for every adventure and incredibly flexible.

  • the MiniMais G5 shoulder carrier
  • MiniMeis G5 Hero backpack

The MiniMais G5 shoulder carrier

The G5 MiniMeis builds on the success of its predecessor, offering improved usability and comfort in the same award-winning structure. Choose from the brand new range of colours and carry your little one with joy and style.

The Minimeis G5 folds down to a compact size of 30 x 30 cm and is easily portable, making it ideal for mobile active families. At just 1.6 kg, it is also the lightest framed child carrier on the market. Place it under your stroller, slide it into your backpack or put it in your suitcase for travel - the MiniMeis G5 is always ready.

Comfort for the parent is ensured by placing the child on a specially designed arch, relieving your neck and shoulders from direct pressure. The child's weight is evenly distributed across the wearer's body, allowing for comfortable, longer walks with happy children!

While you explore the world, your child sits safely on your shoulders, secured by waist belt and leg straps. Both with stylish faux leather detail. A shoulder strap is included to provide additional upper body support for the smallest children (6-10 months). The padded seat and flexible backrest offer maximum comfort and the kids can enjoy the view from above!

The new MiniMeis is ready for use in seconds! Simply unfold the carrier, place it on your shoulders and connect the buckles. Lift your child into the seat and secure them with the waist belt and leg straps.

Features MiniMeis G5 Shoulder Carrier:

  • From 6 months - 4 years (max. 18 kg)
  • Folds like a laptop (30 x 30 cm)
  • Scandinavian design and quality
  • Safety tested and approved according to EU and US standards (USA ASTM F2549-14A and EU EN 13209-T: 2022)

Technical data:

  • 1.6 kg
  • 30x38x12 cm
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Main fabric: 100% RPET recycled polyester

The MiniMeis G5 Hero Backpack

Meet the MinMeis Hero Backpack - your perfect companion for the daily tasks of parenthood. With its sleek design and ingenious features, the Hero Backpack is not just an ordinary backpack. For every moment you share with your little one and beyond, it's your solution. It's a diaper bag, suitable for work and the only backpack in the world that converts into a baby seat.

Have you ever needed a high chair and it wasn't available? Experience a game-changer in comfort with the revolutionary baby seat feature. Turn almost any chair into a safe and secure seat for your little one in just a few simple steps. Whether it's eating out, outings or traveling, the Hero backpack offers an instant, safe seating solution.

The backpack's many pockets help you organize your daily life. Whether it's baby items, your laptop or everyday items, they'll find their place in the Hero backpack. With room for your folded Minimeis carrier, you'll always be ready for those special family moments that make life unforgettable.

Key Features:

  • The HERO backpack you need in your family life
  • Awarded Most Innovative Family Travel Product 2023
  • The world's first backpack-to-baby seat solution
  • Hangs conveniently on strollers for easy access
  • The only backpack that connects with the Minimeis carrier combines


  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 36x46x12 cm
  • 28 l capacity
  • Main fabric 100% RPET recycled