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Meet the MiniMeis HERO Backpack – your ultimate parenting and everyday companion. With its... more

Meet the MiniMeis HERO Backpack – your ultimate parenting and everyday companion. With its sleek design and ingenious features, HERO isn't just any ordinary backpack; it's your go-to solution for every moment you share with your little one and beyond. It’s the diaper bag dad begs to use at the office and the only backpack in the world that transforms into a baby seat on-the-go. 

HERO—the one backpack that does it all and does it brilliantly.

Ever needed a high chair and it wasn't available? Experience a game-changer in convenience with the revolutionary baby seat feature. Transform almost any chair into a safe and snug spot for your little one in just a few simple steps. Whether it's mealtime, outings, or travels, the HERO Backpack offers an instant, secure seating solution.

Gear up for life's adventures with the HERO Backpack's multiple pockets to keep all your essentials organized. Whether it's baby gear, your laptop, or gym stuff, the HERO has you covered. You'll love the thermic pocket for keeping food and drinks chilled and the full-opening design that gives you easy access on the move. With space for your folded MiniMeis carrier, you'll always be ready for those special family moments that make life unforgettable.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Minimeis shoulder carrier, the HERO backpack lets you carry all your baby essentials while keeping your hands free for adventures. Attach it to the front of the MiniMeis using patented hooks. Need something on the go? Detach one hook, swing the backpack around, and get access to what you need. It’s the perfect setup for those who like to roam without a stroller in hand.

At MiniMeis, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. That's why HERO isn't just about convenience; it's a testament to their commitment to the environment and longevity. Crafted with Waste to Wear technology, the backpacks utilize recycled ocean bottles, minimizing waste and reducing their carbon footprint. By choosing the HERO Backpack, you're making a positive choice for the planet and paving the way for a greener future for your kids.

The HERO Backpack isn't just for baby days; it's a lifelong companion. Transitioning seamlessly from diaper bag to everyday backpack, it offers ample storage and stylish functionality for work, workouts, or weekend getaways. With its durable construction and comfortable straps, your family members will fight for the right to use the HERO backpack for years to come.

Key Features:

  • The one HERO Backpack you need in your family life 
  • Awarded most innovative travel product for families 2023 
  • The world's first backpack-to-baby seat solution 
  • Conveniently hangs on strollers for easy access 
  • The only backpack that connects to the MiniMeis carrier 
  • 28L of style and kindness to the environment


  • 1 kg
  • 36x46x12 cm
  • 28 l
  • Main fabric 100 % RPET Recycled